So, tired and sweaty from the plane I come home to find all my family and friends in my nicely tidied garden next to a coop full of chickens. Best birthday surprise ever!
So now that the shell shock has worn off I have a lot of reading to do! Of course I already have the books as Matthew the devious man has explained. I have also come to the conclusion that I can no longer trust any of my friends or family anymore. Hehe they’re all too good at bluffing!
In other chicken news, today I named the chickens!
There is Honey Mustard, Honey for short, the little white ‘white star’ and Popcorn, Poppy for short, one of the brown ‘Rhode Stars’.


Peri-Peri, or Peri, the beautiful green and black coloured Black Stone chicken

And Sweet and Sour or Sweetie for short, the other Rhode Star..

Already starting to see some personalities shining through and I’ve had a good go at cleaning out and some of the other day to day stuff of keeping chickens. So now my shoes smell of vinegar because I dribbled a bit and my knees are a bit dirty but altogether a good day to be in our garden!