It all becomes real

Right at the lights, down the road a mile, then left, left again at the bottom, left at the pub, and follow the track to the farm.

Can’t be that hard to find.


We’re lost.

Why didn’t I print a map?

A quick check of google on the trusty old phone and we finally find the place. The lady sorts us out with all the items on my list. When I ask to see the hens, she gestures over to a pen in the distance. I didn’t bring the right footwear for this. My friend Adrienne is even less well equipped, in little diddy shoes. They have spare wellies to fit her, but my size 13’s and Daniel’s size baby-7’s are just gonna have to get muddy. Never mind.

Apparently, they only have 1 of the white ones in stock. So that one should be easy to spot.

This is not it. There are lots of white breeds it would seem. Never mind, I’m not trekking back across that field to take another picture. It’s in here somewhere!

Right, so that’s all the stuff bought and loaded up, time for a father & son day out. There’s hills that need climbing.


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